What to do before your reading.

For me to do a reading for you, we first have to get in touch.
Please use the "Contact me" button in the main menu.

1. I need to know your full name and your date of birth.
2.Tell me what your question is about.
Together we will then find, and agree on,
a precise question to work on.
3. Choose which kind of reading you need.
One Card Reading / Three Card Reading /
Customized Reading or Celtic Cross Reading.
When we are ready you can click on the wanted type of
reading, in my shop, and I will do your reading.
When your reading is done, I will write it out and send it to you by e-mail.
 A picture of your spread will be included in the e-mail.
You will receive your reading within three days of your purchase.
For a face-to-face reading,
you can either call, SMS or e-mail me.
As I live in Japan, for most of you it will be an expensive
reading to show up in person.
But, we can always arrange for a
I do e-mail readings in English and Norwegian language.
Face to face and Skype readings can be done in Japanese, English or