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Seasons of The Heart

Seasons of The Heart

Seasons of the heart.
I want the fresh green and the soft air to last for ever.
But even if we want to, we can’t hold on to spring.
We know that, so we don’t even try.
There is a time for every season of the heart, too.
And these seasons also pas
They follow each other, building on each other.
Wishing on the New Moon

Wishing on the New Moon

The New Moon is approaching.
Now is the perfect time to set new intentions and prepare for our New Moon wishes.  Don't waste a precious wish on something that does not serve you.  

The King of Cups from the Animal Totem Tarot.

Encouragement from the Beaver.

"I can be changed by what happens to me.  But I refuse to be reduced by it," said Maya Angelou.  

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